Writing the Political Other

Want to know how “those people” think? Ask them.

Not their opponents. To begin with, those opponents might be ignorant. Might think all politically-conservative US Protestants are Fundamentalists; or be unaware that liberals aren’t socialists.

More to the point, “those people” have direct access to their own thoughts; their own way of seeing the world; their own feelings. They might not be entirely truthful with you (or with themselves) — but their opponents might not be, either.

And at worst, you’ll be able to observe how they talk.

Friday November 17, 2012.  “Roommates are respectful and college-aged and include two friendly cats.”

***On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 4:59 PM, Dennis Lien <d-lien@umn.edu wrote:
By 2022 (really the question is “by 2019″, but I’ll give you the extra three years to bring it to ten years in the future), will works again be entering the public domain in the US, or will the damn Bono Copyright Extension /Mickey Mouse Protection Act have been extended once again?

Denny Lien

Odds are it will have been extended again.

On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Daniel S. Goodman <dsgood@gmail.com wrote:
Ask me for a prediction; ten years or more in the future.

Friday November 16, 2012. My request for questions about the future got this comment on Google+:

Michael Asperger 3:36 PM
Artificial intelligence, friend or foe?

Will there be a race if AI’s or will one decide it’s enough?

Daniel S. Goodman 4:08 PM
1. AI will be both friend and foe.  2. By the time one AI decides one is enough, several others will have made the same decision.

***Employee Properly Discharged After Misrepresenting That A “Pterodactyl” Collided With Her Delivery Truck
In Barnette v. Federal Express Corporation, a federal district court in Florida dismissed plaintiff’s gender discrimination suit concluding that the employee was properly discharged for falsifying an accident report. Barnette had reported that a “pterodactyl” or “some kind of big bird” had collided with her FedEx vehicle. However, an investigation revealed that plaintiff had hit and damaged the gate outside a gated community, and brown paint from the gate matched scrape marks on the vehicle. Further, there was no evidence that male drivers were not discharged for similarly falsifying work records.


This, Too, Will Pass

I predict:  these companies will be hasbeens in fifty years; perhaps in ten years:

Google.  All it takes is a search engine which is sufficiently better than Google Search.

Among features which would induce me to switch:  genuine phrase search.  For example, typing “Cottage Park, Minneapolis” wouldn’t bring up entries with dozens or hundreds of words between two of the words I enter.




Tuesday November 6, 2012  This was my polling place:

Star Tribune “Hot Dish Blog
“Posted by: Paul Walsh under 2012 Presidential election, Minnesota campaigns Updated: November 6, 2012 – 9:29 AM

“Several hundred people were in line this morning at the Sibley Park voting station in south Minneapolis.

“They covered three sides of a city block.

An election official, binder in hand, walked the line and checked to make sure folks were at their correct voting location, because polling locations for many voters in the area had changed because of redistricting….”

The election officials were good.

I voted for Obama; which also meant voting for Biden.  If President and Vice President weren’t linked, I would likely have voted for a third party VP candidate rather than Biden.

Given Ranked Choice Voting (aka Single Transferable Vote), I would have placed three third-party tickets ahead of the Democratic ticket.  The Libertarians nominated a libertarian this time, which they haven’t always.  After that, the Green and Justice candidates.

US Election 2064: What will the major political parties be?
My answer: The same two party names; but neither Democrats nor Republicans will necessarily be recognizable.

What platforms will they have?
Don’t know.

Where will people get their political news?

Sender:       American Dialect Society <ADS-L@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU>
Poster:       Dan Goodman <dsgood@IPHOUSE.COM>
Subject:      420 friendly; no drugs

Thanks to Craigslist roommate-wanted ads, I’ve learned the term “420
friendly” — meaning marijuana use/user, or accepting of pot smoking.
(Does “pot” date me?)

I’ve seen a couple of ads which say “420 friendly” and “no drugs.”

Proposed change to US Constitution:  Functional constituencies based on political leanings.  To start, one Senator each would represent conservatives, liberals, and moderates.  Any other political label which gains ten percent or more of registered voters would also be represented.